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This is the first edition of Virtual War User's Guide (we plan to add some more information later).

Virtual War project (hereinafter - VW) in no way advocates fascism, communism or any other political doctrine, as well as race discrimination or any other similar beliefs.

VW is our attempt to make a "game" basing on IL-2 "Shturmovik" simulator.

What is VW?

Basically it is a set of on-line missions, generated within the game. Statistic logs are kept by the server for both pilots and squads. The basic target is to win a campaign. Later we will try to put all campaigns to one (starting 1939 and ending 1945). So the overall objective will be changed correspondingly - the main target will be to win war but not the battle.


Mission (task) generation

Mission report

VW war: Introduction

Tactical component

Strategic component

VW war: How it works

Supply missions

Capturing cities and airfields

Rescuing pilots

VW war: Rules

Hosting procedure

Recommendations for hosts

VW war: Points and scoring

New: Manual Add-ons and last changes

New: F.A.Q.

Each on-line mission starts through HyperLobby. It means that you need to download and install this program. Also you will have to register your Pilot name (nick) in HyperLobby. You may download HyperLobby by clicking the link below.


To register a new pilot, please fill in Registration form on the Pilot Registration page. You must type in your HyperLobby nick and desired password. You may also add your e-mail address and avatar link. Having created a pilot you may register your squad or join existing one. Having created or joined a squad you will be able to edit your data.

Please, note that should you ever participate to VW missions, you are automatically registered as a pilot. In such a case you will be automatically assigned a password - "avto". We strongly recommend you to change the password on the Pilot's page.

* Squad registration

If you want to register a squadron (it means that you are already registered as a pilot) you will need authorization code. To get this code from the administration of the project you may either use our forum or e-mail.

Having received your authorization code you may register your squad. To do this you must fill in corresponding form on the Squad registration page. Your statistics will be moved to Squad statistics and you will be appointed Squad Commander (CO). Now you may edit your squad. For this purpose use Squad Admin option. Here you may appoint Deputy Squad Commander (XO). Both CO and XO may admit and expel pilots to and from the squad. In case of admission, stats (if any) of the admitted pilots shall be moved to the stats of the Squad such pilots join.

All matters related to authorization codes issue and registration may be addressed to RR_Flash and/or RR_Joy at forum

As of today the number of squads is not limited. Later on we plan to introduce two-level system of operations command. There will be two levels of planning. Rights of access to operative data and mission creation will also be two-level.


To create a mission each side makes a request. To generate a request a pilot should have corresponding rights (shown on the pilot's stats page). As of today 1-st level mission generation rights (do not include the right to command large formations and reserves) are assigned after 50 missions to each pilot assigned to a squad.

Go to Generation page.

On this page you will find slots similar to HyperLobby ones.

There are three meshes in each slot - Host, Blue Request, Red Request. If you are to host the game, click on Host link in the slot you choose. Fill in the form (you must choose number of players participating to the mission - 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 and so on).

Should there be no mistakes, you will take "Host" slot.

To make a request you should take Red request/Blue Request slot (depends on your side). You will see request creation page. To make a request you should fill in corresponding fields.

Now let's take a close look at each field:
Main TargetThe following types of targets are available:
BelgorodStrategic attack of the city;
SUM-Stariy-OskolSupply mission. WARNING! You may choose either air (air supply) or ground operation (ground supply). To make your choice in the field Attack planes set either plane type (air supply) or vehicles (ground supply).
sector--B04Attack of sector. Target - capture the sector. Red lines on the map indicate that there is no possibility to attack one sector form another.
Attack planes (bombers)Depending on the target there is a possibility to choose type of bombers. You may also set number of planes and define who will control them - human pilots or AI.
Fighters (escort)Set number of fighters escorting the group of bombers.
Tanks fromChoose from drop-down menus letter and number of the starting sector of tank attack. You must also choose number of attacking tanks (maximum - 45). These fields will be active only in case you choose "sector--XXX" option in Main Target field.
Assault group (human pilots only)Set number and type of planes. WARNING! Pilots, assigned here are included to the total number of players, participating to the mission. This field is also available only in case you choose "sector--XXX" option in Target field.
*Defense group (Autogenerate): (+2)In this field you may set ONLY number of HUMAN CONTROLLED planes in the defense group. Should your enemy request sector attack, you will receive 2 AI planes (not included to the total 6 AI planes) in addition to the number of human-controlled planes you will define.
Fighters (escorts)Set number of intercepting (escorting) planes;
Second targetChoose secondary target. The following tasks are available:
Recon (REC)As additional task an AI plane will be assigned to recon mission to the city you choose in Recon target field.
Tanks from (MARSH)As additional task armor unit will be relocated from one sector to another (set sectors in fields tanks from XXX to XXX). You may define number of tanks in the unit (but no more than 20 at a time)
Fortification target (UKR)As additional task 3 Corps of Engineers motorcades will be sent to the defined sector (specify sectors in Fortification target XXX XXX)

After each side makes its request, Host will receive link (indications in slots on the generation page (waiting, ready, download) will change depending on the status of requests availability). To be more exact, indication to the right of the slot will change its status to "download" and the link will be activated. By clicking the link Host finishes mission generation procedure (Host will have to enter his password and HL-nick once more).
In case of successful generation Host will see message of successful mission generation and mission download link.

When generating a mission you may also choose who is to perform the primary target of the mission - AI or human pilots (with regards to bombers). It's quite clear with regards to Strategic Attack/Supply Mission - if you choose AI, you will receive the number of AI planes in addition to fighters. If you choose "human-controlled" planes - you will receive as many planes, as you have requested.
NOTE! When choosing planes for the defense group you may assign to the group both AI and "HUMAN-CONTROLLED" PLANES..

VW War: Introduction

As of today VW is based on the following campaigns: Lvov (no templates), Smolensk (almost ready), Prokhorovka 1941 (ready), Kursk 1941 (almost ready), Moscow (almost ready), Kuban 1941-1942 (in progress), Stalingrad (almost ready), Kuban 1943 (in progress), Prokhorovka 1943 (ready), Kursk 1943 (almost ready), Smolensk 1944 (almost ready), Lvov 1944 (no templates). Should we have templates, we may also include other campaigns. There is no interrelation between campaigns. The main task is - to win a separate campaign. In the future we plan to make a "war" with the main task to win the whole war but not a separate campaign. It is also planned to introduce automated movement of the front line to the East or to the West depending on the results of a separate campaign. Today such front-line movement is performed manually, e.g. if the Blue win Stalingrad campaign the next campaign will be Moscow 1943 but not Kursk 1943 or Kuban 1943 (historical set). Should the Red lose Moscow 1941-1942 the war is over And it may be restarted in 1941 again :).


Campaign basic operations unit is a sector (later on we plan to use control points system to enliven and enhance the game). So to win a campaign one side should capture all sectors with cities and airfields of the other side. Sector may be captured only by ground forces or encircled.
The main characteristic of a sector is its defense capacity. Level of defense depends on the number of artillery stationed in the sector and their level of fortification.
Level of sector defense is 0 if there are 6 cannons without fortifications;
Level of sector defense is 1 if there are 6 cannons with fortifications;
Level of sector defense is 2 if there are 12 cannons with fortifications;
Level of sector defense is 3 if there are 18 cannons with fortifications;
Level of sector defense is 4 if there are 18 cannons, all of them are fortified and protected with 3 small AA guns (1 gun for each defense line);
Level of sector defense is 5 if there are 18 cannons, all of them are fortified and protected with 9 small AA guns (3 guns for each defense line).
NOTE! Should sector have negative level of defense there are no cannons and fortification there!
Level of defense of a sector may be increased as follows:
- each successful "fortifications installation" mission increases the level of defense +1;
- Each support radius, covering sector adds +1 to its level of defense, e.g. if a sector is covered by 2 radii, its level of defense shall be "nominal" +2, by 3 radii - "nominal" +3 and so on.
Level of defense decreases: - when it is covered by enemy support radius. When its is covered by 1 radius, level of defense shall be "-1", by two - "-2" and so on;
- if cannons (fortifications) within the sector are destroyed by the enemy: 6 cannons - produce level of defense -1; 12 cannons - -2 and so on.
Let's consider the following example.

We will assess level of defense of sector D04 (marked with black on the figure above). Sector has nominal of 3 points, is covered by 2 red radii (Oboyan and Nijnie Peny) and by 3 blue radii (Proletarsky, Tomarovka and Belgorod), so as the result we have 3+2-3, which is shown in the pop-up window (can be seen for each sector) as 3(-1) with 3 being nominal level of defense and (-1) bonus value resulting from 2-3. The resulting level of defense of this sector shall be 2 and should a ground attack against this sector be requested, there will be 12 cannons with fortifications.
A sector with negative level of defense will not have any protection at all (i.e. there will be no artillery in the sector).
Information on enemy sectors is available only after you had "contact" with enemy forces in this sector (you made TA (Tactical Attack) on the sector). Note that such information will not change up to the next "contact". If you have not performed attacks on the sector for a long time it is quite possible that the enemy has already fortified it or withdrawn its tanks from the sector. On the other hand you are not "blind" - you may assess the level of defense by counting your and enemy's radii of support but don't forget about nominal value of the level of defense, which you cannot assess anyway. So it is hardly useful to rush in unknown sector with all your forces. It is far more efficient to perform recon attack (by one or two tanks) and then plan your attacks basing on the available information of enemy's forces and defense.
One sector may be attacked with no more than 30 tanks! Number of tanks used in TA is defined by the player requesting attack. Tanks may perform 1 attack from one sector to another only (i.e. only vertically or horizontally). You cannot choose 10 tanks from 3 different sectors to perform three-side attack of enemy's sector with 30 tanks. Remember that tanks, as well as planes, are a conditionally terminal resource. If you loose all your tanks you will not be able to attack enemy's sectors till the arrival of your reserves. Reinforcements arrive each third VW day (i.e. after each 90 missions). Reinforcements arrive to a city (randomly chosen at this stage), which is no closer than 35 kilometers to the front line. Later we plan the following scheme: reserves arrive to one or more railway stations chosen by the player with 2nd level rights. Arrival station must be chosen no less than 25 missions prior to reinforcements arrival. If no station is chosen, reinforcements will arrive to the most distant from the front line railway station.
Sector is captured if at least 1 attacking tank survives the attack.
When you capture a sector where enemy armor is stationed, 0-20% (defined randomly) of these tanks will be given to you as trophy, others will be removed to one of the neighboring sectors (if any).


All cities have support radius (hereinafter - SR), which indicates the level of ground forces support produced by this or that city. SR may be reduced by enemy air strikes. You may increase SR via Support Missions (SM). City belongs to the side, which controls corresponding sector (as of today there is no street fighting, but after we switch to the control points system we plan to implement this idea should it not lead to steep demands with regards to players' hardware and be accepted by players). Targets within a city are accumulations of enemy vehicles. Each time target is chosen randomly from the template (template may include up to 10 targets for each city). If there are more than one targets in a template of a city, several targets will be chosen (maximum 3). Maximum damage to a city may be 35% of its maximal radius, i.e. one air strike may reduce SR of the attacked city up to 12 kilometers. In case of successful SM each human-controlled transport plane adds 7% to SR. Each AI plane adds 2% to SR. If you request ground supply, each truck produces 1% of SR increase. Each mission totals 24 trucks (3 motorcades of 8 trucks each).
Maximum suply radius of a city is 40 km.


Main characteristic of each airfield is its operational capacity (OC). OC influences take-off probability. OC depends on planes and pilots losses (each lost plane produces 0.5% decrease to OC and each lost pilot - 1% decrease). Correspondingly each lost AI plane decreases OC 0.25%, each AI pilot - 0.5% and each gunslinger - 0,1%. Minimal possible OC is 10%. OC may be increased via SM (only air supply is available). Each human-controlled transport plane successfully landing on the airfield during SM increases its OC 10%. Each AI plane - 5%. Airfield is held by the side controlling the sector, where such airfield is situated.
Attention! Be attentive with AF in squares R17 and N15. In these Squares in game process participate only SOUTHERN AF! It is especially important at suply. In the others Cases you can landed on these AF. At suply missions with landing to these AF you cannot suply it, because they don't existe for VW!

Tactical component

All resources used in the game are conditionally terminal! Players may influence the rate of decrease of this or that resource but they cannot influence the rate of its increase.


When creating a mission you may choose types and number of aircrafts used in Strategic attack (SA), as well as the number of fighters and their distribution within escorting and intercepting groups. Players cannot choose fighters' type! Number of all plains is conditionally terminal, i.e. at the beginning of campaign we have XX LaGG fighters, YY La-5, ZZ Yaks and WW I-16 fighters. In case of loss of LaGGs, Yaks and La-5 their number is deducted and as soon as their number reaches 0 they will not be available during mission generation until they are resupplied. Reinforcements arrive periodically.

As of today we have static unhistorical and unbalanced plane-set. The only thing we have today is a nominal type-to-year binding and nominal balance of aircraft types for this or that sector of the front. It means that you may encounter a plane, which was not historically used in this or that campaign, but it's very unlikely. In the future we plan to make dynamic plane-set, which would depend on the date and allow renewal of old plane types with new ones. For example, on X day of campaign you may receive 60 LaGGs and 120 I-16, then on the day X+3, when reinforcements arrive, you will receive 40 LaGGs, 35 Yak-1s (newer plane type) and 105 I-16 and so on.



All tanks in the game are moved by players from one sector to another. So you may create concentrated attack groups and advance or retreat to fallback positions. Tanks may be transported by roads (implemented) or by railroads (not implemented yet). A player, making a request, may move from one sector to another no more than 20 tanks per 1 turn. Tanks may be moved horizontally or vertically. Diagonal moves are not available.


Artillery cannot be used during attacks. It may be used for defense only. Number of cannons within a sector depends on its level of defense, which in its turn, depends on you support radius and SR of the enemy.

War VW: System of points

Points in the project are used only for technical reasons. There was an idea them to not show at all for players but while have decided to leave how is. At present they are applied in three areas - calculation of the winner in mission, system of awards (there are 2 sustem in VW, points use in system 2. System 1 use only facts), " the educational purposes ".
Attention! by results of the company to EVERYONE pilot of the lost side in statistic will be added -1000 points. While have decided to be limited by it, though there are operating time and in other direction (ranks, exp, etc.)

Destroyed object Personal points of the pilot Command points
Wrong loading of fuel (only for suply) -25
Forbidden weapons -50
Shute kill -50
Not landing after mission (without landing) -40 (protect planes and own lives :)) -5
the Victory over mission 40
Defeat in mission -60
Landing 20 5
the Emergency landing 5 3
Each survived plane of AI suply 10
Each alive suply plane executed suply 10
Each alive suply plane executed suply of field 10
Each escaped car of supply 4 (the side which spends supply)
Each live ground object in case of SA 0,5 (the protected party{side})
Each survived tank in TA 10 (the attacking party{side})
Each survived cannon in TA 6 (the protected party{side})
Human Bomb 60 15
AI Bomb 30 7
Human Sturm 50 15
AI Sturm 25 7
Human Fighter 40 10
AI Fighter 20 5
AI Scout 25 7
Stationary ground 2 2
the Car (columns of suply, engineering armies) 2 4
Instruments (artillery, flack) 12 6
Tank (attacking or on a march) 20 10

Recon (REC)

Level of recon influences the damage you may inflict to a city during Strategic Attack. For example, if you destroy 100 targets of 100 available and your recon level is 50%, final damage to the city will be 17.5%. If recon level is 100% - damage will be 35% and so on.
Recon is performed as additional task. When you request recon, it will be performed by AI controlled plane with ACE experience and without ammunition (to keep it away from the fight). Shall it come back - mission is considered successfully completed and the level of recon of the mission target shall increase 10%.
Each bomber, which successfully returns from SA produces 3% increase to the target level of recon.
Per each mission each city loses 1% of the level of recon.
When enemy captures your city, its level of recon equals 50%.


There is no automated supply! Each day no city increases its radius and no airfield restores. The only way to increase city SR and restore airfield OC is to succeed supply missions. There will be no easy living!

In case of Tactical Attack one side will be represented by attacking tanks and the other - by defending artillery. Artillery number depends on the level of defense of the attacked sector.